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School Tournament
The 2015 Junior Varsity and Varsity 10 Pin Bowling Tournament was held on Saturday, May 9th, 2015 at Chateau Lanes where 11 teams (4 Junior Varsity teams and 7 Varsity teams) competed to be the 2014 Champions in their respective divisions.
Overal Champions

Junior Varsity Champions 

Congrats to the Top Junior Varsity and Varsity Male & Female Champions who are the overall Top Champions in their divisions. Each received a $40.00 Kildonan Place Gift Card and a bowling party package for 6 people.

Varsity - Derek (Elmwood High School)
- Meghan (Kildonan East Collegiate)

Junior Varsity - Owen (Selkirk High School)
Trena (Elmwood High School)

Junior Varsity Division Champions
Junior Varsity Champions
Congrats to Selkirk High School who won the
Junior Varsity division and the 2015 school banner.
Owen – Albert – Lucas - Stephanie


Varsity Divison Champions Varsity Division Champions
Congrats to Elmwood High School who won the
Varsity Division and the 2015 School Banner.

Derek – Brandon – Cody - Tyler


Thank you to the students and teachers of Elmwood High School, Miles MacDonnell Collegiate, Selkirk High School, St. John's High School, Kildonan East Collegiate and College Beliveau for participating and making this event exciting.  




1. Selkirk High

1. Owen – Selkirk High

1. Trena – Elmwood High

2. Elmwood #2

2. Albert – Selkirk High

2. Celeste – Elmwood High - tie

3. Elmwood #1

3. Lucas – Selkirk High

3. Stephanie – Selkirk High - tie



1. Elmwood High School

1. Derek – Elmwood High

1. Meghan – Kildonan East

2. Selkirk High School

2. Connor – Selkirk High

2. Sarah – Selkirk High

3. Miles MacDonnell

3. Aieen – St. John's High

3. Jennifer – Selkirk High

YBC Winner – Austin –Miles MacDonnell